VannDigital Reviews Eternal The M.C.’s ‘Dive DeEP’ Album (@VannDigital @EternalTheMC)

VannDigital Reviews Eternal The M.C.'s 'Dive DeEP' Album (@VannDigital @EternalTheMC)

Keeping in mind that VannDigital is based in North Carolina, we can say with conviction that one of the many local artists that we’ve had the honor of working with is rapper Eternal The M.C. As we’ve previously given a quick review to his debut album ‘Age Of Eternal‘, we at The DigiSpot will give Eternal a second go-round with his upcoming second album ‘Dive DeEP’ which takes the listener on a journey to the depths of the good, the bad, & the ugly. Here’s our take on this project below…

When Eternal The M.C. passed ‘The Dive Deep Sampler‘ EP (the Precyce Politix-featured title track & “Speak Life” were the only tracks, that I can recall, that made it to this album from the sampler) to us a few months back, we knew that we couldn’t wait to hear the final project fast enough. Keeping in mind that Eternal is a Raleigh/Durham resident, he still pays homage to his native Brooklyn on “The Brooklyn Joint” which includes featured vocals from fellow Brooklyn native & Raleigh/Durham resident Precyce Politix (they both also make up 2/3 of Kick-A-Verse Music Group with founder K-Hill making up the 1/3). I usually skip over interludes when I listen to projects but the “Dark Matter Interlude”, featuring motivational speaker Anath Sekhem (also of Raleigh/Durham), is worth giving a listen to. You won’t be disappointed.

VannDigital Reviews Eternal The M.C.'s 'Dive DeEP' Album (@VannDigital @EternalTheMC)

While Eternal The M.C. delivers on the gritty boom bap material that we’re used to getting from him, I feel like the numerous features on the 15-track offering hold him back a little bit as I wanted to hear more him. But hopefully, he’ll offer more of himself on the next offering. While we’re on the features, ‘Dive DeEP’ introduces the world to rappers Real Thought & Slangston Hughes, “stoner pop” band L.O.Z., singer Akili, & motivational speaker Anath Sekhem. But even without the features, ‘Dive DeEP’ is a good project overall.

While The DigiSpot has had the pleasure of taking the 15-track journey which is ‘Dive DeEP’, the listener won’t be able to do so until July 17, 2018. When ‘Dive DeEP’ becomes available to all on said date, the journey will be worth the time the listener will spend on it. Get ready to ‘Dive DeEP’ in the next few days.

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