@VannDigital Reviews D Prime’s (@DPrime215) Debut EP ‘My Core Elements’

D-Prime - My Core Elements [EP Artwork]

There’s always been that dynamic where for every wack commercial rapper that gets a record deal along with continuous mainstream airplay, there’s always an underground hopeful that’s working to get his/her voice heard. With that said, the underground hopeful in question is Philly emcee D Prime. D Prime recently dropped his debut EP, ‘My Core Elements’, and we at The DigiSpot are here to offer you our take on the 6-track project below.

My Core Elements’ shows a lot of promise as it displays what kind of artist D Prime can be as he continues to build on his craft. The smooth lyricism along with hard-hitting boom-bap instrumentals included on this EP makes ‘MCE’ a perfect eargasm for listeners that still appreciate good rap music, despite what it has become on the commercial level. So knowing that he can best the best he can be as an artist, I can’t wait to see what he puts out in the near future.

D-Prime - My Core Elements [EP Insert]

Not that it takes away from the overall message of the EP, but I noticed at times where D Prime went offbeat on a few tracks (won’t name which ones). Hopefully, he’ll work on that as he continues to create music. That was my only gripe about the project even though the listeners can find something wrong that I haven’t mentioned here as they give their ears to ‘My Core Elements’.

As mentioned before, ‘My Core Elements’ shows a lot of promise for what D Prime is giving to us at the moment. Only time will tell what else he has to offer when he stays on beat at all times as he constantly works on his craft. You can give ‘My Core Elements’ a listen for yourself below via the following web players…

D-Prime - My Core Elements [EP Tracklisting]

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