VannDigital Reviews @AaronJTrumm's 'Livin Is Bling' Album

VannDigital Reviews @AaronJTrumm's 'Livin Is Bling' Album

While I’ve heard a good number of rap tracks & albums that have taken advantage of genre-bending in the past, I can say that this is nothing I’ve heard before. For Albuquerque native Aaron J. Trumm, genre-bending rap is something that he specializes in on the regular & not when it is convenient for him. On Trumm’s recently released album ‘Livin Is Bling’, no genre is kept off-limits from beginning to end.

I can see ‘Livin Is Bling’ appealing to rap (or music) listeners wanting to hear something that’s not only new but different & I do mean different. While ‘LIB’ is an independent release, I can see it having mainstream appeal somewhere down the line, if not already. Without bragging on this album too much, there’s most definitely something for everybody on ‘LIB’.

Like every album/project that drops this day in time, ‘Livin Is Bling’ will not be for everyone. ‘LIB’ will not be for music listeners that’s used to hearing a certain sound in the music that their ears are used to. ‘LIB’ will not be for open-minded listeners that might not be able to tolerate the tracks that went on this album.

Livin Is Bling’ is a good addition for the open-minded music listener that wants to put something different in their iPod. ‘LIB’ is not for the close-minded or the open-minded that might find this unlistenable. ‘Livin Is Bling’ wasn’t my type of flavor but it might be the type of flavor that you, the open-minded music listener, are looking for.

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