@VannDigital Mixtape Review: P. Fly (@TheOfficialPFly) » Fear The G.A.W.D.

P. Fly (@TheOfficialPFly) » Fear The G.A.W.D. (Gifted And Well-Determined) [Mixtape] 2

While they're best known for concert footage, interviews, & music videos, The Elite Money Empire is also a record label with its own artists. Sometime last year, The Elite Money Empire (or EME as it's referred to most of the time) dropped the debut mixtape from 1 of their artists, P. Fly, called 'Fear The G.A.W.D.' (G.A.W.D. being an acronym for Gifted And Well Determined). 'Fear The G.A.W.D.' is a display of P. Fly giving us 9 original tracks along with 2 freestyle jawns.

The 'Fear The G.A.W.D.' mixtape itself is a standout because of the original tracks which is something that's not seen on too many mixtapes nowadays. Another thing I liked about this project was the subject matter associated with it. “Do It Big (Come Up)” is a typical rags-to-riches story that can't be discussed enough, “My Bank” is your usual track about money & stuntin but it introduces the world to labelmate L Jay, & “BBS Freestyle” is 1 of them tracks on 'Fear The G.A.W.D.' that shows off P. Fly's true lyrical talent.

Assuming it's because this is his first project ever, I noticed a lot of trend-following on some tracks. And with this in mind, I won't name anymore tracks than I have in particular as you will have to download 'Fear The G.A.W.D.' for yourself to know what I'm talking about. But what I will say in general is: Most artists should know by now that following trends ain't going to get their mixtapes downloaded and/or albums bought. That should be something all artists should keep in mind.

While P. Fly has room for improvement (as any artist does), 'Fear The G.A.W.D.' is still pretty good for a debut mixtape. His next project might be better than 'Fear The G.A.W.D.', but only time will tell. But until then, 'Fear The G.A.W.D.' is available now & you can download it here. -Review written by DV