@VannDigital Mixtape Review: @Mxllxvv » #VentHop (The Pre-Tape)

@Mxllxvv » #VentHop (The Pre-Tape) [Mixtape] 2

Cleveland hip-hop has been on a slow rise since the world first saw the emergence of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony back in 1992. But that's not to say the scene is not picking up as witnessed by: Ray Cash's breakthrough back in 2005, Kid Cudi's success, & Machine Gun Kelly's signing to Bad Boy Records in 2011. To help move the scene along, rapper Mxllxvv recently dropped his mixtape '#VentHop (The Pre-Tape)', the mixtape before the mixtape which he plans to drop on 5.20.2013. '#VentHop (The Pre-Tape)' is a versatile offering from Mxllxvv that knows (almost) no boundaries.

With '#VentHop (The Pre-Tape)' being a versatile project, it shows with tracks such as "Something Like A Pimp", "Bully Season", & "Prx$crxB & MxD$". The highlight (to me anyway) of 'VHTPT' is the song "Understanding" which is not only the introduction of Tennessee rapper Breez aka The Pink Lip Bastuurd but it also hits home with the majority of the people in this world including myself. With the subject matter on 'VHTPT', I can only imagine & look forward to what I'm going to hear on the official 5.20.2013 release.

'#VentHop (The Pre-Tape)' may not appeal to everybody as they may not be able to process most of the subject matter involved on the project. Then sometimes I also wonder why the tracks on here never made it to the official mixtape as I feel some (if not all) of them could have found their place on there. But at the end of the day, who knows why things turned out the way they did as far as song placement is concern.

As stated earlier, I'm still looking forward to the official 5.20.2013 release if it contains the same versatile material I've heard on '#VentHop (The Pre-Tape)'. Hopefully, everybody else will enjoy this mixtape liked I did but who knows what kind of feedback (other than mine) 'VHTPT' will receive. '#VentHop (The Pre-Tape)' is available now & you can download it here. -Review written by DV