@VannDigital Mixtape Review: @Mezziah » The Lost Verses 2: Bootyful Feelin'

@VannDigital Mixtape Review: @Mezziah » The Lost Verses 2: Bootyful Feelin'

Canadian hip hop has enjoyed a great deal of success with the careers of Michie Mee, Kardinal Offishall, Drake, Troy Lanez, K'naan, & even Justin Bieber (to an extent). With all this in mind, up & coming Toronto rapper Mezziah positions himself to be the next artist on the Canadian hip hop map with his latest mixtape 'The Lost Verses 2: Bootyful Feelin'. 'TLV2' is a mixtape in which Mezziah adds his own verses to songs that were popular at the time.

While everybody's heard most of the beats on this mixtape already, the verses aren't nothing you will hear in the mainstream. Now while I can't name a song in particular that I liked, I can always appreciate an artist's effort not to sound like just another cookie-cutter artist because it shows that the artist is willing to actually put in work & not half-ass their way to stardom like I see way too many artists do this day in time. And the willingness to be different is what 'TLV2' brings to the table.

I might contradict the mixtape title but I feel Mezziah's verses could have been better used over his own beats. And I say that because I feel he has the potential to go further than where he is now & his verses over original beats would be the best way to show his true talent. Maybe we might get to see that on his next project.

'TLV2' is a good mixtape for anybody looking to get away from the same cookie-cutter topics that we see & hear in the mainstream 25/8. Music listeners also looking to go back to the songs that were hot for a while will enjoy this project as well. 'The Lost Verses 2: Bootyful Feelin' is available now & you can download it here. -Review written by DV

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