@VannDigital Mixtape Review: Cloudy Junior (@CloudyTHC) » #BangaAlert

Cloudy Junior (@CloudyTHC) » #BangaAlert [Mixtape]

Philadelphia rappers have come a long way since Will Smith (then known as a rapper called The Fresh Prince) put the city on the hip-hop map. And West Philadelphia native Cloudy Junior (of The Highest Cloud) plans to make more waves with his debut project '#BangaAlert'. '#BangaAlert' is a mixtape that takes a young man on a journey in which he is trying to figure out which way is up.

Not only was I feelin' the original beats on this project, I also liked the fact Cloudy Junior can tell a story (which is missing from today's mainstream rap music...I can't say this enough) with every song. A few tracks that caught my attention were “Mama Always Told Me” (where Cloudy's struggle begins), “No Shake” (where he has to make a few decisions on his journey), the Jahlil Beats-produced “Pray Over Prey” (Cloudy is on a survival mission), and the final track “ColdDasaniFlow” (where it seems like Cloudy might have found peace of mind).

Keeping the mixtape concept & content in mind, '#BangaAlert' may not appeal to everyone. If you're looking for that good-natured boom bap rap, it won't be found on this project. If you're looking for that hard-hitting political rap, it won't be found on this project. But at the end of the day, it all depends on the listener.

'#BangaAlert' overall is a good mixtape for the listener that's into good storytelling & hearing stories about the struggle. It's also a good project for the typical listener that loves to hear head-breaking beats. '#BangaAlert' is available now & you can download it here. -Review written by DV