@VannDigital Mixtape Review: @BigZayMack662 » The Undrafted All-Star

The Undrafted All-Star - Front Cover

With David Banner doing bigger and better things this day in time and the recent critical acclaim of Big K.R.I.T.’s album ‘Live From The Underground’, Mississippi hip-hop continues to rise as rapper Big Zay Mack works to claim his spot with his debut mixtape ‘The Undrafted All-Star’ which is hosted by Crossfade Entertainment’s own DJ Spyda Da Don. ‘The Undrafted All-Star’ is a combination of original tracks, freestyles, and mixes & blends that should have no problem keeping the listener looking for versatility entertained.

Versatility is the biggest pro of ‘The Undrafted All-Star’ & versatility is always a good thing. I feel the problem with most rap albums that come out nowadays is the simple fact that most artists are redundant with the topics they speak on & this mixtape does good not to fall in that category. On ‘The Undrafted All-Star’, Big Zay Mack got tracks for the club (“Undrafted All-Star”, “Alcoholics”, & “Brainstormed”), tracks to ride down the street to (“Swangin & Bangin”, “They Don’t Know”, & “Life Ain’t Easy”), real hip-hop tracks (“Bass For Your Face (Remix)”, “Cockiness”, & “Letter To God”), & so on. For the most part, it’s something for everybody on this mixtape.

The only thing I didn’t like about this mixtape was the overall production value. ‘The Undrafted All-Star’ sounds like it wasn’t mixed & mastered properly (if at all). And mixing & mastering seem to be steps that most artists skip in the recording process nowadays. While production value was my only issue with this mixtape, there’s also always room for improvement as far as wordplay is concern because this is Zay’s first project.

If you are able to get past the poor production value of this project, then I recommend this mixtape as the outcome is still pretty good for a first time project. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there’s something for everybody & that’s something you don’t hear everyday on today’s mixtapes/albums. ‘The Undrafted All-Star’ is available now & you can download it here. –Review written by DV