@VannDigital Interview: DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAmDJYRSJerzy)

MP3: Trap Talk Radio (@TrapTalkATL) Interviews DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAmDJYRSJerzy) & Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) 1

After dropping a new mixtape ('Jerzy's Evolution') & joining the SKE Records promotional team, New Jersey's DJ YRS Jerzy seems to be on his way. 'Jerzy's Evolution' is 1 in a series of mixtapes DJ YRS Jerzy will be dropping as time goes on so be on the lookout for them & his new collabo projects - COMING SOON!!!

Vann Digital Networks waxes poetic with DJ YRS Jerzy about his upcoming projects, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), how he got his start in the rap game, & some more and some more. -Interview by DV

Vann Digital Networks: What's poppin with DJ YRS Jerzy???
DJ YRS Jerzy: I have several projects in the works with my artists J Paq and Chox-Mak. Right now I'm working on the anticipated 'Beats 4 The Trap 2' with a producer I manage named Lex Gunna. Lex and I have a couple different projects in the works. Look out for him soon I'm going to have him producing for a couple major artists soon.

What inspired you to become a DJ???
I started to officially start taking my DJ career seriously around 17 years old. I really got into DJ-ing when I used to hear Funkmaster Flex go in on Hot 97 which is my favorite radio station. I always loved to DJ so I decided to make it my career instead of just a hobby.