@VannDigital Interview: The @Intellecturers

Vann Digital Networks interviews The Intellecturers

When did you realize music was the move for you?
Aaliyah J: When I would sing the National Anthem at my high school games, ROTC events, and also being able to sing Happy Birthday for 103.9 The Light.

How has your background influenced your music?
Church: My background is a major influence. Growing up in less than desirable circumstances has allowed me to relate to the "average" human. When you have been through some of the same things as so many other people, it allows you to reach them on a normal level. And, once people feel they can relate to you, it becomes much easier to inspire. Not only that but, personally, it has placed this fire inside of me that captivates my listening audience.

When can the world see any group projects anytime soon or will we see more solo projects?
Intellecturers: Right now we are focused on making the music and giving it to our audience live. We are working on a group project which will consist of a few tracks and a few poems. Also, we all take on solo projects which shows how different our styles are but how it also can build us as better artists.

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