@VannDigital Interview: The @Intellecturers

Vann Digital Networks interviews The Intellecturers

Raleigh/Durham's Picassoul Music has been making moves since the start of this year. From supergroups The League Officials (including NC's Ike Ellis & Brad M.) & The Soul Section (with NC's Phocus & also Brad M.) as well as an EP ('A Book Of Poems: The First Chapter') among other things, Picassoul shows no signs of slowing down.

Vann Digital Networks took the time out to wax poetic with him & his new supergroup, The Intellecturers, about their formation, influences, & some more and some more. -Interview by DV

How did The Intellecturers concept come about?
Picassoul: It started back in January 2012 with Aaliyah and I forming poetry group but at the time we didn’t have a decided name. Since we wrote music daily we then decided to combine our poetry skills with our music. Day by day we would both give suggestions for the group name but we never agreed until I thought of combining two words, Intellectual Lecturers, which came to be “The Intellecturers”. I came to her with a final suggestion and from that day the name stuck. About a month ago Church joined the group so now we are taking this movement to the next level.

What can The Intellecturers bring to the table as individuals and as a group?
Intellecturers: Great music that separates us from most groups today. We have a sound that signifies us as atypical artists. We deliver Influential lyricism over a smooth jazz beat that will inspire our listeners to respect the ability to make music.