@VannDigital Interview: Big Zay Mack (@BigZayMack662)

VannDigital.com interviews Big Zay Mack

How was life for you growing up in Mississippi???
Life in Mississippi was… just that. Pops was in the navy, so I lived in Virginia and California when I was about 6-7. When we moved to Mississippi (Parents were from Alabama) I was 7. So I was raised there for the majority of my life. I loved every bit of it. All of the dirt roads, creeks to go fishing in, open yards. It was anything that a kid could ask for. When I grew up though, I realized how hard it really is down there. There is like 4000 rappers from my city alone, I was blessed that my debut mixtape caught on faster than others.

How did the collaboration with DJ Spyda Da Don for ‘The Undrafted All-Star’ come about???
Believe it or not, DJ Spyda (shoutout to Crossfade Entertainment and The Donkey Boi DJ’s) is my cousin. He moved to Mississippi from Florida when we were in Middle School. I met him when he took my spot playing Corner in 8th grade haha. But we both had a passion for music. We freestyled in the gym and by the lockers before we went to our next class. Time passed he went back to Florida for college and I joined the navy. I put my music career on a hiatus until I
saw Spyda on Facebook with turntables. I gave him a call and said “It’s go time once more”. I recorded my record in a week and shot him the music. He said he was impressed by the lyrics and track selection. The rest is history as the say.

What’s your take on the Mississippi hip hop scene???
The Mississippi Hip Hop scene is just now getting some light. We have people down here with true talent. The country is just now giving my state respect. When you think of Mississippi rap you think of David Banner, Big K.R.I.T., Boo Rossini,
and Tito Lopez. We have more artists than just those guys. I have respect for all of them and I’ve read on twitter from a few people that put me up there with them. It’s real humbling to see that and I appreciate it.

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