@VannDigital EP Review: @ShaneHamlet_ » Sober Thoughts: OverAnalyzation

@VannDigital EP Review: @ShaneHamlet_ » Sober Thoughts: OverAnalyzation

Once again it's on as Smooth Family Entertainment artist/CEO Shane Hamlet has recently dropped his 2nd project, an EP titled 'Sober Thoughts: OverAnalyzation'. 'STOA' is a project which takes us back in time then brings us back to the present as it contains tracks from yesterday to today. 'STOA' aspires to be a classic project for hip-hop heads of all ages & races in which this was accomplished.

The simple fact that Hamlet went back in time then came back to the present with 'STOA' was the main thing that drew me in. He pays homage to Chubb Rock on "Treat Em Right", Biggie Smalls on "Story To Tell", & then he comes back to the present as he pays homage to Chance The Rapper on "Acid Rain". Versatility is another plus with 'STOA' as versatility is always a good thing for not just music but life in general. 'STOA' also appeals to hip-hop fans of all ages as far as subject matter is concern.

I feel Shane Hamlet should leave the singing to the people that do it as witnessed on "Acid Rain" & "Suit & Tie" which brings me to briefly discuss a typical issue. It's way too many rappers out here trying to be R&B artists as well as the other way around. It's always best to stick to what you know & not try to cross over into other lanes.

From his debut mixtape 'Stylez Ain't Free, Vol. 1' to this EP 'Sober Thoughts: OverAnalyzation', Shane Hamlet has improved quite a bit. Artist development never stops at a track or a mixtape or an EP or an album or at all. 'STOA' is a good EP for hip-hop of all ages or hip-hop fans in general from the old-school to the new-school. 'Sober Thoughts: OverAnalyzation' is available now & you can download it here. -Review written by DV

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