Presents The @Str8Buttah Episode Presents The Str8Buttah Episode

Str8Buttah is an African Hip-Hop Collective (with Str8Buttah Productions being the record label)--currently comprised of Mister Rae, Teck-Zilla, XYZ, R-Cube, Enigma, Deck The Nexus, Maka, & Phlow--that have been longtime affiliates of The DigiSpot. In the fifth edition of " Presents", I want to direct more of my (and your) attention to tracks beyond what's made it onto here that they've put together from past to present. Give it a listen, share it, & enjoy!!!


  1. Teck-Zilla - The Pledge
  2. Str8Buttah - Sounds Of The Illest
  3. SAN&RAE - What Do We Call It?
  4. XYZ - Body Of The Spirit
  5. Maka - Forever
  6. Teck-Zilla x Allen Poe featuring Jung Youth - Retro Scapes
  7. Deck The Nexus x Enigma - Anti Heroes
  8. Whiteman,The BlackSoul x Teck-Zilla - World In My Palms
  9. Teck-Zilla - By My Side
  10. Enigma - Supreme Shogun
  11. Str8Buttah - The Return
  12. Phlow - Looking At Nobody
  13. Deck The Nexus - The Revolutionist
  14. Str8Buttah x Micworx - The Epilogue
  15. Mister Rae - 3rd World SuperStar
  16. Teck-Zilla - Afrolisticmystiquecal
  17. R-Cube, Othello, Phenom, Enigma - Bigger Than A Monster
  18. Teck-Zilla featuring Canibus, Modenine, & Mark Deez - Super Human
  19. Deck The Nexus x Enigma - Dat Buttah Music
  20. Teck-Zilla - Felabration

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