Presents The @CampLo Episode Presents The Camp Lo Episode

As we continue to go back in time, this week's edition of " Presents" will focus on a rap group that I (DV The Bossman) grew up listening to that I feel has yet to get their just due. The group in question happens to be Camp Lo (comprised of Geechi Suede & Sonny Cheeba), who are mostly known to the masses for their biggest hit "Luchini (This Is It)" & maybe their minor hit "Coolie High". Camp Lo continues to make music to this day (with Geechi Suede recently dropping his debut solo album) and as so, The DigiSpot will provide you with 20 tracks from past to present below. So as always; give it a listen, share it, & enjoy!!!


  1. Black Connection
  2. Negro League featuring Bones & Karachi R.A.W.
  3. Blind Photography featuring Jungle Brown
  4. Soul Fever
  5. On The Way Uptown (Rare & Unreleased Demos)
  6. Starlight Glitz featuring 80 Blocks From Tiffany's (Pete Rock, Camp Lo)
  7. Gotcha featuring Tyler Woods
  8. Boogie Nights
  9. Swing featuring Butterfly (of Digable Planets)
  10. Life I Love
  11. Black Connect II
  12. On Smash featuring Pete Rock & Styles P
  13. Clean Getaway featuring 80 Blocks From Tiffany's (Pete Rock, Camp Lo) & Uncle Murda
  14. Turbo Ozone featuring Handsome
  15. 80 Blocks From Tiffany's, Part 1 (Rare Mixes & Blends)
  16. 82 Afros featuring Ski Beatz
  17. Black Nostaljack (Come On)
  18. How U Walkin
  19. Suga Willie's Revenge featuring Jungle Brown
  20. Black Connect 3

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