Presents The Arrested Development Episode Presents The Arrested Development Episode

Inspired by another past episode of "The Hip Hop Digest Show", I (DV The Bossman) decided to go back in time once again for this week's edition of " Presents" which will focus on another rap group that I grew up listening to that I feel could have been bigger than what they were. The group in question happens to be Arrested Development (currently comprised of Speech, Montsho Eshe, Rasa Don, One Love, Tasha Larae, Baba Oje, JJ Boogie, & Isaiah 'Za' Williams III), who are mostly known to the masses for their biggest hits "Tennessee", "People Everyday", & "Mr. Wendal" and maybe their minor hits "Revolution" & "Ease My Mind". Arrested Development continues to make music to this day (with them dropping their new albums 'Changing The Narrative' & 'This Was Never Home' back in 2016) and as so, The DigiSpot will provide you with 20 tracks from past to present below. So as always; give it a listen, share it, & enjoy!!!


  1. Man's Final Frontier
  2. Children Play With Earth
  3. Eve Of Reality
  4. United Minds
  5. Pride
  6. Fountain Of Youth
  7. Praisin' U
  8. On Conscious
  9. Conditional Love (Original Version)
  10. Rules 2 Tha Game
  11. If U Want Me 2 Stay
  12. Night Time Demons
  13. Pain Thangs
  14. Down & Dirty
  15. Inner City
  16. Miracles
  17. Let's Build
  18. Get Up
  19. The Harvest Is Here
  20. Ego

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