@VannDigital Album Review: Cee The Scholar (@CeeOfREALMusic) » The Mixed Tape

Cee The Scholar (@CeeOfREALMusic) » The Mixed Tape [Album]

Not since Timbaland, The Neptunes, Missy Elliott, or The Clipse has Virginia Hip Hop seen so much success. With that in mind, Richmond rapper Cee The Scholar hopes to continue that success with his debut album 'The Mixed Tape'. 'The Mixed Tape' is a project that tells Cee The Scholar's story from childhood to college.

With all the garbage music that's out there nowadays, Cee The Scholar's 'The Mixed Tape' is a breath of fresh air. 'TMT' is real hip hop like we (well me anyway) ain't never heard it. Without going too much into details, you'll have to download (or buy) this album for yourself to get a better idea about what I mean.

The only problem I see with 'The Mixed Tape' is the fact Cee The Scholar shouldn't expect to sell too many copies (could be wrong) of this album. And I say this because most of the world is used to what they hear on the radio. Then there's the usual needing room for improvement as an artist.

'The Mixed Tape' will be 1 of the best albums all year as far as real hip-hop is concern, in my opinion. Once you have the opportunity to give 'TMT' a full listen from the beginning to the end, you will realize that you will not be disappointed at all. 'The Mixed Tape' is now available & you can download (or buy) it here. -Review written by DV