Valee & MVW “Tailor Swift” (Audio)

Valee & MVW “Tailor Swift” (Audio)

Valee and MVW announce their new album, ‘Valeedation’, plus release their new single, “Tailor Swift”.

Valee and MVW share their new single, “Tailor Swift”, along with the announcing of their new collaborative album, ‘Valeedation’, set for release on 10.23.2023!!!

In regard to their new single “Tailor Swift”, Valee states “Throughout my career I’ve been known to tailor my own clothes because I like them to fit a certain way. They have to be precise. I approached making this song the same way. When MVW sent it to me I knew it was the one.”

MVW states, “The underlying sound and flow in ‘Tailor Swift’ is essentially avant-garde, compounded by the depth of the entendres and visual metaphors, this track transports the listener into a world of radicalism.”

The producer known as MVW has put the finishing touches to an album with regular collaborator Valee, entitled ‘Valeedation’, with their chemistry resulting in new music that could just well turn out to be the pair’s magnum opus.

‘Valeedation’ offers a unique language that Valee and MVW have developed through their shared artistic vision.

The project’s sonic correlation with fine art allows it to transcend the boundaries of genre, blending into a sound coined as “museum rap”.

The structural elements of classical music embedded within the song forms on ‘Valeedation’ add an extra layer of sophistication and elevation.

MVW’s expertise in contemporary classical composition shines through as he weaves together intricate arrangements, showcasing his ability to meld genres seamlessly. Having studied classical music at New York University and under La Monte Young (one of the most revered American minimalist composers) and Bunita Marcus, Waller has also released three full albums of classical compositions under his full name Michael Vincent Waller, including ‘Moments’.

MVW has worked with other innovative rappers such as TiaCorine, Xavier Wulf, Lil Gotit, Matt Ox, and Zelooperz.

MVW says, “The music feels like scenes in a movie more than tracks on an album, highlighted by different lighting on a thematic, subtle vibe. There is this sense of installation.”

Valee is a visionary rapper known for his unconventional style and infectious energy.

With his distinctive lyrical delivery and unwavering commitment to artistic exploration, Valee has become a transformative force within the rap landscape.

This new album follows up Valee’s project with Action Bronson and 03 Greedo produced by Harry Fraud.

Valee has also collaborated with artists such as Lil Yachty, YG, G Herbo, King Louie, and Vic Mensa.

His EP, ‘GOOD Job, You Found Me’, was executive produced by Kanye West.

What sets Valee apart is his artistic evolution over the past few years, which has been meticulously honed alongside one of his core producers, MVW.

Together, they have crafted a distinctive sound that fuses contemporary classical influences with refined melodies, elevating the sonic tapestries of trap music.

Valee’s artistic journey has been a deliberate departure from mainstream conventions, as he immerses himself in innovative aesthetics that challenge the status quo.

This avant-garde approach serves as a guiding beacon for MVW, offering them a unique lens through which to navigate uncharted territories in music, explore novel genres, and push boundaries beyond the familiar.

Valee and MVW’s ‘Valeedation’ album will be released on 10.23.2023 via MVW Productions/Fake Shore Drive.

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