V V Brown “History” (Audio)

V V Brown “History” (Audio)

V V Brown releases her powerful new single, “History”.

Just ahead of the release of her socially, politically, and emotionally charged new album, ‘Am I British Yet?’ (due out October 27), artist, writer, producer, and activist V V Brown releases her powerful new single “History”.

Released via her own YOY Records label, “History” is the 4th single from the project V V launched in March this year with the provocative, uncompromising single “Black British”, a song that started a conversation on Black British identity, and a conversation which V V has continued to speak passionately, intelligently, and forcefully around via her music, essays, and videos.

On “History”, V V weaves together the past and present, inviting listeners to reflect on their collective journey toward equality and justice.

Speaking of the message behind the song she says: “‘History’ delves deep into the struggle and resilience of the Black community. Drenched in the dynamic and ever-shifting pendulum of challenging oppression faced by Black communities, it is a powerful declaration of emancipation focusing on breaking from those shackles and freeing themselves into a future of positivity.”

While visiting Jamaica, V V visited some of the slave plantation sites and these visits were profoundly painful, and the experience led to this song.

V V has sampled original slavery work songs for “History” and the song is a celebration, a tribute, and a call to her distant ancestors.

Speaking about the album as a whole, V V continues “This album has been this most liberating yet. Exploring my identity, going home to feed the kids, and playing Barbies is a beautiful concoction of family life and being a mother in music. This release has been so relaxed and freeing. I have expressed myself more than ever without worrying about the normal conventions of releasing records. ‘History’ is one of my faves on the record and I cried when I was writing it as my ancestors were speaking to me in some strange way.”

This exploration of identity is wrapped in an innovative fusion of music, poetry, and ideas.

Collaborating with Black British poets from across the country, V V has crafted an album that is a musical journey and a profound exploration of identity.

Each poet contributes their unique stories and experiences, resulting in a truly diverse and deeply personal album.