Unnamed Atlanta Man Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Shooting & Killing Subway Employee For Putting ‘Too Much Mayonnaise’ On His Sandwich

Unnamed Atlanta Man Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Shooting & Killing Subway Employee For Putting 'Too Much Mayonnaise' On His Sandwich

A Subway employee is dead, and another one is in the hospital all because a customer thought there was “too much mayo” on his sandwich, according to the store owner.

It happened at a location on Northside Drive in Atlanta just after 6:30 p.m. on Sunday. Family members and the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office have identified the victim as 26-year-old Brittany Macon.

Macon’s family said she started her job at the Subway restaurant on Northside Drive about three weeks ago. Just before that, she worked for UPS.

Police said a 36-year-old came into the Subway on Sunday and shot and killed Macon. Another employee was also injured.

Family members identified the second employee as 24-year-old Jada Nicole Statum. As of Monday afternoon, her family said she was in critical condition at the hospital.

The restaurant owner, Willie Glenn, said it all unfolded because a customer thought there was too much mayonnaise on his sandwich.

“Well rounded, young ladies, really hard workers,” he said. “Everyone loved them. They came to work every day and just did their jobs.”

Glenn added that Statum’s 5-year-old son was with her inside the store when it happened.

The family said Macon and Statum lived together and that Macon loved Statum’s son, who witnessed the shooting, as her own.

Deputy Chief Charles Hampton with the Atlanta Police Department said this could have been avoided.

“Someone failed to resolve a conflict by just walking away, having a conversation to just reorder a sandwich, decided to take actions into his hands, and now we have families who are devastated,” he said.

Macon’s family added that she was intelligent and sweet. She’d planned and paid for a big family reunion a month prior. That was the last time many family members were able to see her.

She was a daughter, a sibling to four, a cousin to many and a hard worker.

“I don’t know what the world is coming to,” Glenn added. “Everyone wants to carry a gun and scare someone with a gun – it’s scary out there.”

The family said they were supposed to all be together in Savannah on the 4th of July.

Instead, many family members spread out throughout Savannah and Arizona have been flying in after this tragic incident.

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