Underground Funk (@UGFPodcast @BlacHippieChic @SlowedNChopped): Episode 1-5

Underground Funk (@UGFPodcast @BlacHippieChic @SlowedNChopped): Episode 1-5

"Underground Funk" is a new comedy podcast that focuses on underground music, underground topics, as well as much randomness in between.

DJ BTB, hailing from Houston, TX, is a chopped & screwed DJ that has worked on several projects locally & nationwide. He has hosted numerous mixtapes and is also a beat maker.

Tiny T aka Goldie, hailing from the Bay Area, CA, is a hip hop head that loves independent artists & underground music.

Episode 1: "Tha Intro" | Basically no real topics...just random talks about random stuff to introduce who they are to the world.


Episode 2: "P.A.E." | DJ BTB & Tiny T aka Goldie discuss the joys of nigga shit, some music talk, Political Ass Eating, the art of finesse, men searching male pornstar names in porn tube sites is pause worthy, music news, and they go over a top 10 list of things hip hop ruined (with lots of randomness in the middle of everything).


Episode 3: "Playa Made Fat Guys" | DJ BTB & Tiny T aka Goldie discuss music related topics, introduce the Playa Made Fat Nigga Tournament, Aids Gun, and other various randomness.


For unknown reasons, The DigiSpot won't be airing Episode 4 at this time!!!

Episode 5: "Niggarella" | DJ BTB & Tiny T discuss everything from lying to attract the opposite sex, porn, Afrika Bambaataa, random music news, and gang related crimes.