Umar Johnson Is Now On OnlyFans

Umar Johnson Is Now On OnlyFans

I never thought I’d see the day that “Umar Johnson” would hit rock bottom LOL!!!

For anybody that’s been following the “good doctor” for a minute, “Umar Johnson” has been at the center of a good number of proven scams that have taken place over the years including his recent book signing scam at a Chicago barbershop.

With that in mind, I happened to notice that he was trending on Twitter not too long and this is why…

As we already know, COVID-19 hasn’t been good to any of us and it hasn’t been good to “Umar Johnson” in particular as he scrambles to find a sustainable scam to keep him afloat as people haven’t been running dem donations since the pandemic has made waves across the world.

Which brings us back to our story about “Umar Johnson” registering for an OnlyFans account.

Just a few weeks ago, he went as low as begging Black people for their grits money to line his pockets and as with everything else attached to “Umar Johnson”, that failed LOL!!!

As if his desperation hasn’t hit a record low, “Umar Johnson” recently announced that he now has an OnlyFans account.

What will it contain??? I have no idea but we will soon find out.

But answer me this though, what doctor do you know has an OnlyFans account???

What are your thoughts on this matter??? Let them be known in the comment box below…

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