U.S. Capitol Insurrection Unpacked In ‘The Assault On America’ Podcast

U.S. Capitol Insurrection Unpacked In 'The Assault On America' Podcast

iHeart podcast network Cool Zone Media’s podcast, “The Assault On America”, unpacks the U.S. Capitol Insurrection.

On January 5th, Bellingcat investigator and expert on the far right Robert Evans published a report warning of serious action in Washington, D.C. the next day.

Now, almost a year later, Evans digs into the events of January 6th in forensic detail, identifying key players who spread disinformation and helped to create a riot.

He traces the stories of instigators, militia leaders, and far right influencers, and he unpicks a mighty disinformation campaign that was years in the making.

As Evans journeys deep into the digital fever swamp, he considers a crucial question: was the storming of the U.S. Capitol the final convulsion of a dying movement? Or was it the first shot in a new civil war?

The series is written and co-produced by one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent podcast companies, Novel.

About Robert Evans
Robert Evans is an investigative journalist and founder of iHeart podcast network, Cool Zone Media. Evans’ first podcasts with iHeartMedia have had groundbreaking results; “Behind The Bastards” consistently ranks among the top 10 most downloaded shows on the iHeartPodcast Network and “After The Revolution” is the top fiction series in iHeartPodcast Network history.

About Cool Zone Media
Cool Zone Media is a podcast network helmed by investigative journalist Robert Evans and executive producer Sophie Lichterman, with a mission to build a brighter future through storytelling from vital voices. The network is named for a phrase popularized in 2020, “The Cool Zone”, used to describe periods of history where anything appears possible – for better or worse. With more than 100 million downloads across its podcasts, Cool Zone Media chronicles the divisive truths of the past and present with a message to bring about a better, more informed future. Current slate includes: “After The Revolution”, “Behind The Bastards”, which ranks among the top 10 most downloaded shows across the iHeart Podcast Network; “Behind The Insurrectionists”, “Behind The Police”, “Hood Politics with Prop”, “It Could Happen Here”, “Q Clearance: The Hunt For QAnon”, “Uprising: A Guide To Portland”, “The Women’s War”, “Worst Year Ever”, and “Assault On America”. Cool Zone Media is distributed through the iHeart Podcast Network.

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