Tyrese Sticks It To His & His Wife's Haters

Tyrese & Samantha Lee Gibson getting married [Press Photo]

Ever since getting married a while back, there has been no chill for singer/actor Tyrese.

According to BET:

Tyrese is no stranger to having his strikingly honest opinions dissected and criticized by his fans.

Earlier this month, the entertainer found himself in hot water when he referred to his new wife, Samantha Lee, as his "Black queen," and just last week his controversial commentary regarding standards of beauty threw him back under a microscope as well. Taking to Instagram, the former model decided to play a little defense and share a special message addressing his haters.

After the singer/actor's recent commentary had already struck a nerve with his female fans, he decided to share his opinion once more, this time while coming to the defense of his new bride.
"When we fell for each other it wasn't falling at all," he wrote on Instagram, captioning a selfie he posted of the new Mrs. Gibson. "It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you are HOME…. #MyWifeMyLife Now……. Guys go ahead be yourself…… we will be in the bed cuddles, loves and hugs and I'm sure you're going to see to it that we're entertained……"

He then decides to address his haters, going on to write that he welcomes his critics to air it all out.

"Let's start by arguing that she's a white girl," Tyrese continued. "Yeah that's a good start…… Get it all out your system! Say whatever it is you want – just know….. We good over here……"

He then sealed the deal by signing off his post with a series of hashtags such as #SheGotHerMasters and #IOwnMyMasters, further proving that despite what people say, it is all good in the Gibson household.

Take a look at Tyrese clapping back at haters, as well as revisit his previous commentary, in the posts below.