Tyre Sampson’s Alleged Cousin ‘Shay Johnson’ Uses Tragedy To Collect Money

Tyre Sampson's Alleged Cousin 'Shay Johnson' Uses Tragedy To Collect Money

Not too long ago, 14-year-old Tyre Sampson (of Missouri) died after falling from the Orlando FreeFall drop tower ride.

While we at The DigiSpot are sorry that this had happened to him and for what the family has to deal with as a result, what came afterwards was nothing less than shocking.

When reporters from WKMG-TV News 6 (CBS) came to the scene to do what they do, Sampson’s alleged cousin “Shay Johnson” went out of her way to jump in front of the camera to put her words in about the tragedy.

After what was caught in the above clip, “Johnson” elaborated a little more on what happened before her “cousin’s” death with the following words…

With all that in mind, it has since come out that “Shay Johnson” is not who she said she was in the following ways:

  • She is not Sampson’s cousin
  • “Shay Johnson” is not her name

According to a random Facebook user, “Shay Johnson’s” real name is Lewishena Browning.

The user has also mentioned that Browning has been using the death of the teenaged boy to collect donations via GoFundMe.

Tyre Sampson's Alleged Cousin 'Shay Johnson' Uses Tragedy To Collect Money

Browning’s page would be one of many fake pages that would pop up after this tragedy went down.

Many of those fake pages have since been shut down even though there’s no official word on if Browning’s page, in particular, was shut down.

For anybody that’s interested in donating to the real GoFundMe page (which was created by Sampson’s mother Nekia Dodd), you can do so here.