Tyler Perry Defends Joel Osteen’s Refusal To Open Megachurch To Hurricane Harvey Victims

Tyler Perry Defends Joel Osteen's Refusal To Open Megachurch To Hurricane Harvey Victims

Welp, I’m not the least bit surprised with this foot-shuffling debacle coming from Tyler Perry and neither should anybody else.

According to BET:

Tyler Perry is lending a huge hand to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The film and television mogul recently uploaded a video revealing his plans to donate $1 million towards Harvey relief.

Perry plans to donate $250,000 to four separate organizations; two of which he’s already secured.

Standing by his friend and Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, Perry revealed that the first quarter million will be donated to his church. Osteen recently came under fire for not immediately opening the doors to his 606,000 square foot church to evacuees. Perry claims that there were several safety concerns prevented Osteen from inviting the displaced into Lakewood Church for shelter.

Perry also announced that he would be donating another $250K to Beyoncé’s pastor Rudy Rasmus.

While Tyler Perry has yet to decide where the final $500,000 will go, he encouraged those interested in making donations or to connect with people who have “boots on the ground who can really be effective.”

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