TyFontaine Drops ‘264’ Mixtape

TyFontaine Drops ‘264’ Mixtape

TyFontaine unleashes his vibrant new mixtape, ‘264’, crafted in 264 hours of L.A. inspiration.

Today, TyFontaine, the dynamic DMV artist, drops his highly anticipated mixtape, ‘264’, under the banner of MNRK Music Group.

This 10-track mixtape features Joony, Summrs, Lil’ Dre, and TTM Dawg with production by Cade (Lil’ Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Justine Skye, etc.), L3GION (Brent Faiyaz, Pop Smoke, Meek Mill, etc.), Sparkheem (Brent Faiyaz), and more.

‘264’ showcases TyFontaine’s artistic versatility and his commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

This mixtape is set to make waves, solidifying TyFontaine’s position as a boundary-pushing force in the industry.

The project’s intriguing title, ‘264’, holds a story of its own – it encapsulates the exact time it took TyFontaine to craft this EP during an inspiring 264-hour stint in Los Angeles.

What began as a business trip swiftly transformed into an 11-day journey filled with continuous vibes and creativity.

From the mixtape’s lead single, “DOS” short for “Drugs Over Sex”, a track that feels just as trippy as it sounds, to the Lil’ Dre-assisted “Fashion” and the focal record “Charge It To The Game”, TyFontaine captivates as he effortlessly blurs the lines between rap and R&B on tracks.

‘264’ is a sonic journey, offering the perfect blend of moods for any occasion.

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TyFontaine’s ‘264’ mixtape is also available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms