True Products, The 1st Major Black-Owned Laundry Detergent Company, Finds Success

True Products, The 1st Major Black-Owned Laundry Detergent Company, Finds Success

It’s never too late to start a business and the purpose behind the first major Black-owned eco-friendly laundry detergent company, True Products, is the founder’s desire to leave a legacy. Before launching in November 2012, founders Ali B. Muhammad, Malik Saleem, and Abdur-Rahim Muhammad had already made a name for themselves individually as restaurateurs, veterans, business owners, and consultants. Together, they each lent their business know-how to create the True brand in hopes of leaving an impact on their families and respective communities.

The True Products company prides itself on providing quality products that “always exceed the value” and in keeping that motto, they have recently re-launched their website upgrading the engagement with customers. If you check out the True Products Instagram account, you’ll see True Product’s connection with consumers and how quickly the brand built a following of dedicated users.

To further that community, Malik Saleem---co-founder of the brand---told, “We would like to make True detergent one of the best known detergents in the world while creating job opportunities for our community.” Currently, the company based out of Atlanta, GA is in the works to create a hand sanitizer, dish detergent, air freshener, and body wash to accompany the True Products line-up.

The true story of the True Products brand is defined by the tenacity and perseverance of the founders themselves. According to the website, one of the founders, “Abdur-Rahim lives by the concept that success and failure are determined by effort. His formula for success is proper preparation, discipline, and an unwavering sense of purpose.” Judging by the success of the True Products brand the founders are definitely putting that formula into heavy rotation and giving everything they have to ensure the sustainability of their brand. Not only is the True brand a service for the people, but it’s a testament to the true purpose of what it means to always strive for more in life.

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