Todd Gurley On Truss Levelz Podcast

Todd Gurley On Truss Levelz Podcast

Today, Atlanta Falcons star running back Todd Gurley stopped by for the latest episode of “Truss Levelz” with Mark Ingram and Cam Jordan to discuss his unique path to NFL stardom, which includes stops with USA Track & Field where he competed on the World Juniors stage in Italy and France and how that almost lead to him attending Princeton on a Track scholarship. TG also shares how his HS football career started with him as a backup Defensive End.

During the episode, Todd goes on to discuss his epic run at Georgia which ended in an ACL tear, as well as stories from his first few seasons in the league.

Episode highlights include:

  • On accidentally qualifying for Team USA Track & Field (3:48):This track coach I knew told me to come to Myrtle Beach and run. So we go to South Carolina, we did the race down there, I guess that was the pre-trial to qualify for the USA team and I ended up winning. Next thing I know they were like ‘do you got your passport? we’re about to go to Italy for a week.’
  • On almost attending Princeton on a track scholarship (6:20):I did get a Ivy League offer for Track from Princeton and Cornell… a kid in from the hood in North Carolina, nobody makes it to an Ivy League school so I was like I’m definitely going here… Had I done that I would have been y’all sound engineer on this podcast.”
  • Todd on how he went from being a backup defensive end to starting RB in High School (8:20):When I started, I was a second-string quarterback and defensive end. My number was 87… but my boy cussed the coach out the next week, I got number 1 and it’s been on ever since…
  • Todd reflecting on his favorite college memories (13:00):It was fun for me. I enjoyed the whole college experience. It was lit! I used to be crowd-surfing at bars, throwing fake birthday parties.”
  • TG on being surprised when he was picked in the top 10 (24:47):I was in the green room laughing, joking saying ain’t no way I’m going in the top 10, top 15. I don’t know how that happen but it happened.”

Tune in next week when the guys sit down with Tampa Bay Buccaneers All-Pro wide receiver Mike Evans.