Tips for Attending Large Concerts in a Wheelchair

Tips for Attending Large Concerts in a Wheelchair

For music lovers, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a live concert—the atmosphere, the music, the crowd. But when you’re in a wheelchair, attending large concerts might seem daunting. Ensure you have a joyful and safe experience at your next event with our tips below.

Contact the Venue Ahead of Time

You can significantly improve your experience at a concert by doing some homework before the big day. Contacting the venue beforehand helps you gather information about accessible features and accommodations. Find out about designated parking areas, if there are ramps or elevators, and whether assistance is available if you need it. This knowledge beforehand can empower you to navigate the venue more comfortably upon arrival.

Purchase Accessible Seating Tickets

Purchasing tickets for accessible seating areas is crucial for an unobstructed view of the stage and a comfortable concert experience. These tickets generally provide a little extra space, which is good for maneuverability and comfort. Make sure to secure these tickets early to guarantee a comfortable concert experience. Remember to also purchase tickets for the companions attending the concert with you so that you can be together.

Arrive Early

Arriving early is one of the most practical tips for attending large concerts in a wheelchair. It allows you to bypass the bustling crowds and reduces the stress of finding your seat among excited concert-goers. An early arrival gives you the time to address any potential issues, such as finding a new location if your spot doesn’t meet your needs or expectations.

Bring Essentials

You need to be prepared for various scenarios when attending a concert. This includes the importance of wheelchair cushions and backrests, which can drastically improve your comfort during the event. Pack any necessary medications, a refillable water bottle, and weather-appropriate clothing. Having your essentials handy allows you to focus on the show and not on your discomfort or needs that might arise.

Have a Plan for Crowds

Concerts can draw large crowds, which can be overwhelming, so having a plan is essential. Discuss with your companions how to handle situations where the crowd becomes dense. Identify meeting points in case you get separated, and familiarize yourself with the venue’s layout, including the locations of exits and accessible restrooms. If possible, locate quiet areas where you can retreat if you need a break from the stimuli.

Stay Hydrated and Well-Nourished

Taking care of your physical well-being during a concert is crucial. Remember to stay hydrated by bringing a refillable water bottle and taking frequent sips throughout the event. Also, ensure you have eaten a substantial meal before the concert to keep your energy levels high. Most concerts offer food and drink stalls, but they can be in crowded or inaccessible areas.

Attending a large concert in a wheelchair requires a bit of planning and preparation, but it shouldn’t deter you from enjoying live music events. Whether you love the beat of hip-hop music or belting out your favorite pop lyrics, with our help above, you can ensure that your next concert experience is enjoyable, comfortable, and memorable.

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