TikTok Prankster Josh Popkin (@fckjoshy) & Others Awarded Donkey Of The Day

TikTok Prankster Josh Popkin (@fckjoshy) & Others Awarded Donkey Of The Day

The MTA on Wednesday slammed a popular TikTok prankster who spilled a giant bin of wet cereal onto a moving subway for the entertainment his 3.3 million followers.

“A new low,” the agency tweeted along with a video of the stunt, which was posted Tuesday to the social media platform.

“Pulling a prank on essential workers in the middle of a global pandemic. And making essential workers clean up your mess. Despicable,” the MTA continued.

The stunt was pulled by TikTok star @fckjoshy, whose account is filled with similar head-scratching content.

Tuesday’s video began with the prankster pouring a box of fruity pebbles and a gallon of milk in a large plastic bin before chomping away in front of gazing straphangers.

According to the footage, he was on a 4 train heading to the 149 St-Grand Concourse station in the Bronx.

After moving from the seat to the aisle, the prankster poured the cereal onto the train’s floor.

“I accidentally dropped a whole tub of cereal on the subway today,” he narrated in the TikTok video of the prank. “I was like ‘oh my god this is the worst day of my life, not my fruity pebbles.’

“Everyone started moving away and filming me, but I was like ‘can someone help’?” he said. “Surprisingly no one offered. So I had to put the soggy cereal in myself.”

While the prank attracted more attracted over 240,000 likes on TikTok, people on twitter were not amused.

“Please arrest him,” one woman commented on the MTA’s tweet.

“Would have been great to see him get laid out in it,” another user wrote.

“I’m so glad this is being exposed. Lock him up” added another.

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