It's Always The 'Same Thing' For @ProbCause

It's Always The 'Same Thing' For @ProbCause

Chicago-bred graffiti artist-turned-graphic designer ProbCause used his art school education to further enhance his music by creating an animated video for “Same Thing”, a single produced by Drew Mantia from the 'A3C Volume 5' album.

ProbCause explained to Mass Appeal:

“I grew up drawing and was always attracted to graffiti. I started painting pretty young but got arrested a few too many times. The worst situation that happened was when I was 17 or so and got caught with a bunch of cans and was charged with pretty much every tag within a three block radius. It basically got to a point where I was putting my college scholarship on the line if I got arrested again, so I decided to chill out a little bit in my 20’s.”

In 2013, ProbCause landed on the broader audiences radar with his Chance The Rapper-assisted “LSD” video single, which was later remixed by The Hood Internet. The original song was the pair of Chicago rappers’ second time working together, with Action Bronson having joined them on “Three Course Meal”. It should’ve came as no surprise that Prob & Chance have creative chemistry – they’re both active in the local open mic scene & have a knack for doing things a bit different from their peers. Having earned his masters from The Art Institute of Chicago while on tour last year, ProbCause has always used his design skills to complement his music, doing the artwork for all of his own projects – this includes album & single cover art, posters, flyers, etc.

This year, ProbCause released his album 'Drifters' which revealed the highly collaborative & vibrant musical community within the city of Chicago.

ProbCause explained:

“I work with a lot of really talented musicians in Chicago so it was a very organic thing to involve them in the production process. [This album] is much more musical than anything I’ve made in the past.”

The album followed an 18-city tour with Lil Dicky that spanned the East CoastSouth in June, and came prior to a performance at the North Coast Festival & ProbCause’s own headlining Drifters Tour. 'Drifters' is now available for stream & purchase.