They're 'Bothering' @Myze_ & TUT (@TUTHouse1) Begging For 2nd Chances
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They’re ‘Bothering’ @Myze_ & TUT (@TUTHouse1) Begging For 2nd Chances

We could foresee Chattanooga, TN appearing on the map after Isaiah Rashad graciously represented the city by performing BET Cypher 2013. Who would’ve guessed in two short years, his peers would be coming for the city throne???

Myze, a musical juggernaut, demolished the production & engineer in ‘Bothering‘ & teams up with one of Tennessee’s biggest artist, TUT. If the hook isn’t enough to reel you in, pay close attention to the over-dramatic 3rd verse from Myze as he dives into a pool that seems to be filled with revenge.

The efforts of this collaboration will appear in full effect on Myze’s debut project ‘Please, Don’t Listen‘ which is set to drop on 10.26.2015!!!