@TheOutlawz (@Young_Noble1 @TheRealEDIDon) feat. Mike Green - So Much Pain [Video]

@TheOutlawz (@Young_Noble1 @TheRealEDIDon) feat. Mike Green - So Much Pain [Video]

'Makaveli' turned 20 this past Saturday and Ryan Elder & the remaining Outlawz thought it was fitting to release one of the last recordings of Hussein Fatal as a tribute. The original recording was something Hussein & San Antonio producer, Ryan Elder of Elder Entertainment, LLC worked on together just prior to his tragic July 2015 death. After some much-needed healing time, Ryan decided to rework the track with Ace1 and reached out to Young Noble & E.D.I. Mean who were anxious to put the finishing touches on it to honor their fallen comrade. Also making an appearance is Elder's up-and-coming R&B artist, Mike Green, who you will be hearing much more from in the coming months.

"It's a powerful record. We don't like to re-do 2pac songs, but I think we did this one justice and did it in a different way." Young Noble says of the track.

@TheOutlawz (@Young_Noble1 @TheRealEDIDon) feat. Mike Green - So Much Pain [MP3]

"With being one of the last tracks we got to do with our brother Hussein Fatal, it has turned into a dedication song for him, Afeni, and all our other fallen comrades. R.I.P.!" adds E.D.I. Mean. "I was just honored to be a part of the project and thankful to be able to pay homage to Fatal, Kadafi, and Pac." Ryan finishes.

"So Much Pain" has also been blessed with a Dr. Teeth-directed video which just hit the channels this weekend and you can give it a watch below...

Outlawz - So Much Pain ft. Mike Green

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