The We Got Love Project Drop Their Self-Titled EP

The We Got Love Project Drop Their Self-Titled EP

A collective of renowned British artists unite under The We Got Love Project to deliver an EP packed with substance and positivity as they release their ‘We Got Love EP’.

Music provides us with a soundtrack to life. It is there for us that all the significant moments can be interpreted differently by everyone that listens to it. It is the one thing we rely on during moments of heartbreak, fun, sorrow, happiness, and generally guides us through our days. We become emotionally connected to it as it sets off a series of reactions in our body and mind, making it ours to keep and cherish. For the creators, music is often born from the very emotions that it conveys and is often the therapy we all need to bring us out of a tough time, for both listener and creator alike. Having run the mill of a challenging few years and with so many bleak outlooks ahead, we are all looking for a break from the pressures of life and the never-ending onslaught of negativity. Delivering a light at the end of the tunnel, a collective of renowned British artists have come together as the ‘We Got Love Project’ to release the ‘We Got Love EP’.

Spearheaded by MOBO Award winning artist Guvna B, who is responsible for the creative direction of the EP, the ‘We Got Love Project’ features an incredible cast of sensational British talent including Dia Day, Sharyn, Still Shadey, CalledOut Music (MOBO Award winner), Annatoria (The Voice UK winner), Becca Folkes, Tertia May, CondoSeven, 678Nath, Bianca Rose, Joshua Luke Smith, Limoblaze, Asha Elia, Tidez, Collistar, Wole Agbaje, Imprint Worship, not to mention Guvna B himself. Featuring 7 exclusively written and produced tracks that have been created specifically as part of the project, the ‘We Got Love EP’ was born from a need to remind ourselves, and each other that we have hope, unity and strength, plus provide a well-needed pause amidst the chaos.

As the ‘We Got Love EP’ begins, ‘Can’t Take It Away’ by Dia Day, Sharyn, and Still Shadey, welcomes the listener with a glistening hook. The track is a hip-moving number that’s bursting with feel-good energy from the offset, “My happiness is growing / Can’t take the sunshine off my face”. We’re then guided in to ‘You’, an Afrobeat’s song whose percussive backdrop enables CalledOut Music to flow seamlessly atop, before Annatoria joins the record, expressing feelings of infatuation towards their love interests.

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Encouraging their listeners to get up and dance, we hop into the title track ‘We Got Love’, a Garage-infused drop formed by Becca Folkes and Tertia May that really begin to highlight the depth and eclectic mix of genres, tempos and talent that creates the ‘We Got Love EP’. Taking yet another turn with the addition of ‘All That I Need’, we are welcomed with a Gospel-esc intro before British rap duo CondoSeven take lead with their signature auto-tuned vocals. Adding a slice of London’s grit into the mix, 678Nath cuts through with his unapologetic demeanor and slick bars.

Bianca Rose, Joshua Luke Smith, and Guvna B unite on ‘Peace’, a 4-minute, thought-provoking song that empowers its listeners to seek peace and love even through the toughest of times. Picking up the pace in ‘Free’, Limoblaze, Asha Elia, and Tidez form to create an up-lifting song that reiterates the want to feel freedom once more. Closing out the project with ‘City Of Dreams’, Collistar, Wole Agbaje, and Imprint Worship take on an acoustic production navigating various societal issues surrounding race and political division, “I had a dream there was peace in the manor / Streets without pasa / Evil has scattered”.

In a celebration of British music, talent and unity, the ‘We Got Love Project’ delivers an exceptional collection of tracks that goes beyond highlighting the incredible artistry of all involved but really accentuates positivity. Guvna B elaborates further, “The last few years have been rough, and music is one of those things that can provide a bit of escapism and hope.  All you have to do is switch on the news to realize that there’s not much to smile about. I feel ‘WE GOT LOVE’ is a powerful message and one that helps bring people together”, he explained. “This music is us. Unapologetically British, unapologetically positive. Hip-Hop. R&B, Garage, Afrobeat, the EP’s got it all. Our society is quite polarized and different issues can create division. We gotta learn as people to disagree well, hold different opinions, but still have love for each other. That’s how we move forward.”

Filled from top to bottom with substance, ‘We Got Love’ is a well-deserved breath of fresh air in Black British music.

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The We Got Love Project’s self-titled EP is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs