The Hip-Hop Digest Show - And If Ya Don’t Know…

The Hip-Hop Digest Show - And If Ya Don’t Know…

Episode 557: "And If Ya Don’t Know…"

The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits

Vherbal - Keep It 6imple

DJ Kut One & Neek the Exotic - Everythings on Course (featuring Large Professor)

Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk - Ground & Water

Caper - Love for the Game (featuring Soulrac & Carlovy Musicc)

Marley Marl - Funk Shit (featuring Common)

Albums Of The Week

Tristate & Dirty Diggs - Illustrious Tablets

Da Buze Bruvaz present: Him Lo - Prince Akeem Jewelz

TUAMIE - Flamingo Pink

Background Music

Joe Harvey - Cryptachronicudalite

Freddie Joachim - Out There

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