The Hip-Hop Digest Show Advises People To ‘Stack Yo Cash!’ Because It’s The ‘Dr.’s Orders’ (@HipHopDigest)

The Hip-Hop Digest Show Advises People To 'Stack Yo Cash!' Because It's The 'Dr.'s Orders' (@HipHopDigest)

Curt G, E.Green, & King Killa (collectively known as The Hip Hop Digest) are back with another episode for that ass this week on The DigiSpot…The synopsis reads as follows:

Dr. Dre said it to Royce and now Royce is tryna school the young fellas. A softer request to put the money phones down. Doubt it’ll work, but hey, he did his part. We have a detailed “Count and the Amount” but since we recorded, one of the counts might go to wifey. Huh? Get in and see!


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