The Black Opera’s Magestik Legend Takes You Inside His ‘DetroitMental’ (@MagestikLegend @TheBlackOpera)

Magestik Legend on May 4, 2018 [Press Photo]

With just a week before the release of Magestik Legend’s new solo album, ‘All This Time’, the emcee/producer shares the project’s hard-hitting second single, “Detroit Mental.” The song is an impassioned ode to his hometown, the city that has arguably birthed some of hip hop’s best music.

“With all the ups, downs, memories and new beginnings, sometimes I feel like my city and I are living the same life. Detroit is my city. I call it ‘my Detroit’ because my personal experiences in this beautiful city shape my perspective of it. I’ve always shied away from making a typical ‘Detroit song,’ partly because it’s become such a soulless trend where I’m from. But since I moved to California a couple years ago, I’ve really missed my city. Though the landscape seems to change every time I leave, it will always be my Detroit. My Detroit is constantly on my mind, especially when I’m away.” –Magestik Legend

‘All This Time’ (which you can pre-order via iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp) will be Magestik Legend’s first full-length solo effort since his 2015 ‘Legend Has It‘ release, and is due out May 11.

Magestik Legend - All This Time [Album Artwork]

More About Magestik Legend:
Magestik Legend’s origins and influence in the Detroit Hip Hop scene are deep-rooted. The emcee/producer has been present for all of the city’s best hip hop eras– from the days of Awesome Dre, to the formation of Slum Village, to the birth of Eminem, to present day. In the late ’90s, ML’s high school classmate Nick Speed recruited him to form a hip hop trio called 925 Colony along with Elzhi. ML was also a part of the Michigan hip hop supergroup known as Subterraneous Crew with One Be Lo (of Binary Star).

Following a fallout between ML and the crew’s leader, One Be Lo, ML went on to release six solo projects before joining forces with Ann Arbor, Michigan’s ‘Athletic Mic League King’ Jamall Bufford (fka Buff1) to form the now critically acclaimed counter-culture movement known as The Black Opera, which made its debut on Mello Music Group in 2011. Named by spiritual scientist Deepak Chopra as one of his favorite hip hop acts, The Black Opera has quickly grown from hip hop group to global creative collective and indie label. TBO’s evocative video for “Villains” landed the number one spot on Snoop Dogg’s “Underground Heat” show. Tajai Massey of Souls of Mischief says: “If you haven’t heard or seen TBO perform, you need to slap yourself. Literally my favorite group in hip-hop right now.”

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