The Bella Twins On Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls’

The Bella Twins On Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls'

This week’s episode of Cold As Balls from Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud features WWE Divas Champions The Bella Twins. Watch as Nikki and Brie join Hart in the cold tub to dish on who’s the superior twin, dealing with cattiness backstage and how they’ve helped spike a women’s evolution in the WWE. The episode kicks off with each twin taking a tub for herself, leaving Kevin empty-handed and forced to use a miniature makeshift tub that BamBam stole from an unsuspecting child.

Episode highlights include:

  • The Bella Twins argue over which of them is the superior twin — discussing their 16-minute age gap, who’s more athletic and who’s most accomplished.
  • Nikki reveals the moment she realized stardom had hit and the true power of the media was during her heavily publicized breakup, and that’s when she felt like it was all too much.
  • The Bella Twins dish on their experiences with cattiness backstage with WWE women all competing for limited TV time.
  • Nikki chats about how her main event match with Ronda Rousey opened doors for women in the WWE. Her and Brie also talk about how getting all the women in the WWE to band together is what really pushed for an evolution and started to break barriers.
  • The Bella Twins doubt Kevin’s relationship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and how he calls KevinNugget”.
  • Brie declares Blink 182’s All the Small Things is what Kevin’s entrance song would be if he were a professional wrestler.

New episodes of Cold As Balls are scheduled to air each Tuesday on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel. Upcoming guests include Olympic athlete Lolo Jones and NBA Cavs star JR Smith.

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