Termanology (@TermanologyST) feat. Saigon (@TheRealSaigon) – We’re Both Wrong (Dir. @MysterDL) [Video]

Termanology - More Politcs [Album Artwork]

Not even 24 hours after an unarmed Alton Sterling was shot to death in Baton Rouge, news broke that another police-involved shooting murder had just occurred in Falcon Heights, MN. This time, it was 32-year-old Philando Castile, who was shot four times at close range (with his girlfriend in the driver seat and his his four-year old daughter in the back) after being pulled over for a busted taillight driving while Black.

Tragedies like this are happening at a beyond-alarming rate, and the scariest thing is that there’s no real end in sight. Voicing their opinion the best way they know how, Termanology & Saigon hit the booth to share their distrust in law enforcement and kick some knowledge on “We’re Both Wrong“.

“I’ll tell you why this shit is so stressful

Because we’ve been going through it since we came to America on a vessel

Pick up a social studies book, every time that they mention us

They was either enslaving us, trading us or was lynching us

So what’s the big difference?

Whether it’s a rope or a scope, the objective is to go out and hit nias

Speaking this from the heart, I’ve been doing the knowledge

And seeing that slavery was never truly abolished.” –Saigon

You can give the Myster DL-directed video for this track a watch below…

Produced by Q-Tip, the timely record lives on Term’s, ‘More Politics‘, which you can cop via iTunes — with production from Just Blaze, Nottz, Hi-Tek, Statik Selektah, & more.