ATL Teacher Says Students Were “Dumb As Hell”

ATL Teacher Says Students Were "Dumb As Hell"

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) | A tribunal hired to hear the case of Shayla Smith, an Atlanta Public Schools teacher accused of giving students answers as they took standardized CRCTs in 2009, has decided to uphold Superintendent Erroll Davis’ decision not to renew her contract.

Smith taught at Dobbs Elementary School during that time, along with another teacher, Schajuan Jones, who testified against Smith on Monday.

Jones said Smith administered the CRCT to teacher Danielle Blair’s students, and that she heard Smith tell Blair’s students she gave her students answers, and explained why.

“Ms. Smith told Ms. Blair that she gave her kids the answers because they were ‘dumb as hell'” Jones said.

A student who was administered a re-test of the CRCT during summer school testified that Smith gave students answers.

The student, currently an 8th grader, wished to remain anonymous.

“She (Smith) would walk around and tell people the answer,” the student said. “She would just come to our desks and read the question and say the answer.”

APS spokesman Keith Bromery said that as of Monday, APS had 21 pending CRCT-related tribunal hearings and 16 APS educators who were named in the special state investigation report were reinstated. He said there are a total of 18 terminations resulting from tribunal hearings. And there are approximately 110 resignations/retirements.