@TCProductionVid Presents #UndergroundSound: Episode 6 [Feat. @HestonSoulMusic]

@TCProductionVid Presents #UndergroundSound: Episode 6 [Feat. @HestonSoulMusic]

Episode 6 of the first season of TC Productions presents Underground Sound. Underground Sound is a web series designed for the indie artist to help gain them exposure while giving the audience an appreciation of what they do.

Episode 6 of Underground Sound is centered around The soulful Gentleman Heston. HESTON possesses one of those rare, "instant classic" voices laced with confident sensuality, informed by the best side of mellow 70's soul. Nostalgic, yet very much his own style, HESTON's music is beautiful, lyrically refreshing, vocally and melodically unique, timeless, rich and soulful. His 2008 independent debut album, Storyteller, was critically acclaimed internationally and possessed an exceptionally well­composed body of original songs written and produced by HESTON.

Born on the Island of Dominica (British West Indies), singer/songwriter HESTON grew up with music all around him. Being surrounded by reggae, pop, classical, soul, R&B, rock music was commonplace. So, it is no surprise that radio, along with a collection of his father's records, would open the key to his soul and love for all types of music --From Barbara Streisand to Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Beres Hammond, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson (to name a few) — as evident in his music.

HESTON defines his journey as a full­time musician, composer, songwriter and producer. "Creating timeless music has always been my ultimate goal," says Heston with a poised, yet humble demeanor. "I want to leave the world with music that can be played for a lifetime.

HESTON is a perfectionist. The precision of his musicality both on his albums and love is unparalleled in this day and time. His music is accompanied by a full band with foundational rhythms that stem back to his island roots, comprised of percussions, horns, acoustic and electric guitars, leaving audiences mesmerized. He has performed to great delight to audiences of up to 40,000 people at international venues including Apollo Theatre, The Blue Note (NYC), Sambuca's Jazz Cafe, BAM, Highline Ballroom, Hard Rock Cafe, SOBs, Blues Alley, among others.

With his voice, polish, passion for delivering stellar music, and loyal and growing international fan base, HESTON is poised to make a legendary impact on the music world. His two tracks that he is performing are "Dreamin" and "Destiny" off of his new album Love Junkie, which is set to be released in September.

For more information on Heston, visit www.HestonMusic.com