@TCProductionVid Presents #UndergroundSound: Episode 4 [Feat. @MissCamelle]

@TCProductionVid Presents #UndergroundSound: Episode 4 [Feat. @MissCamelle]

Episode 4 of the first season of TC Productions presents Underground Sound. Underground Sound is a web series designed for the indie artist to help gain them exposure while giving the audience an appreciation of what they do.

Episode 4 of Underground Sound is centered around R&B sensation Brittnee Camelle. With each notes she sings, lyric she writes or each song she records,The songstress Brittnee Camelle speaks her mind and makes no apologies for it. Taking a vow to stay true to herself, Brittnee Camelle understands that part of being a noteworthy new artist isn't just possessing talent but having something to say. Her two tracks she is performing are "Open Window" and "Love Won't Leave Me Alone" off of her upcoming album entitled 'B'.

Additional Footage:
"Brittnee Camelle - Exclusive In Studio Performance"
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"Drake - The Real Her (@MissCamelle Cover)"
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