Taxstone Indicted On 2 Felony Gun Charges

Taxstone Being Arrested By NYPD & More

Just when you think everything’s gonna be alright (not in this case but follow me), shit continues to go more wrong than it already has. It’s bad enough that podcaster Taxstone was arrested for a shooting, which left Troy Ave with a bullet in his leg and took the life of his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter, a while back, he has been recently indicted on two felony gun charges (being a felon in possession of a firearm and receiving a gun through interstate commerce) for the same crime.

According to the indictment papers, which were filed on 2.16.2017, federal prosecutors claim that Taxstone–born Daryl Campbell–was in possession of an illegal 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semi-automatic handgun when the shooting went down. Law enforcement also claims that he used the gun before the shooting and that footage shows Tax going into Irving Plaza’s V.I.P. room before the shootout before running away.

According to another federal complaint, Troy Ave’s DNA was also found on the same gun that Taxstone’s DNA was found on as he was holding the same Kel-Tec and shooting at Taxstone as he was running away. Troy Ave–born Roland Collins–who’s currently also facing charges in said shooting, has since pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder as well as other charges in this case.

As of right now, attorneys on both sides have declined to comment on the case. Karceno also gave his take on the situation and you can hear what he had to say on it below…