Tamika Mallory On ‘People’s Party With Talib Kweli’

Tamika Mallory On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

In this episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli”, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with activist, social justice leader, and author: Tamika D. Mallory.

Here’s what they got into over the course of this very important conversation:

  • Tamika’s parents helping found ‘The National Action Network’ headed by Rev. Al Sharpton
  • Being inspired by the extreme work ethic of Rev. Sharpton and N.A.N. essentially raising her
  • The financial woes that activist organizations face while trying to stay relevant
  • Drawing inspiration from the work of elders such as Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Ben
  • Some of her concerns regarding charter schools in New York City
  • People like herself being motivated to join activist movements through personal tragedies
  • Being driven by those people that have invested so much of themselves to the cause
  • Criticism from the mother of Tamir Rice about Tamika “monopolizing” the fight for racial justice
  • The intentional campaign formed to defame Tamika’s character
  • Backlash over not distancing herself from The Nation of Islam’s leader Louis Farrakhan
  • Valuable lessons Tamika received from her mother about never being afraid to speak her truth
  • Fighting for black women while not letting her black brothers feeling abandoned
  • The lack of attention being brought to black women that have been brutalized by police
  • The mission of her activist organization ‘Until Freedom’ and using the Black Panthers as a model
  • Debating if videos like George Floyd’s murder are too long and traumatic for public viewing
  • Benjamin Crump calling on Tamika to help bring attention to the death of Breonna Taylor
  • Celebrities using their platform to shine a light on activist movements
  • Tamika’s response to people accusing her organization of stealing money
  • Her book, “State Of Emergency”, spotlighting of a convo between Cardi B and Angela Davis
  • Activist Ella Baker being her primary model of how she approaches leadership
  • The important contributions that each leader of ‘Until Freedom’ bring to the table
  • Instagram making Talib delete a post about the treatment of Haitian immigrants at the border
  • The Biden administration’s response to the Haitian immigrant crisis
  • Progressives as well as racists residing within the Democratic tent
  • Her take on Ice Cube’s comments regarding Trump during the last election
  • Bernie Sanders’ campaign falling short on many black issues
  • How the right wing views crime in communities of color
  • Wishing she and others held the Obama administration’s feet to the fire more
  • How prioritizing mental wellness is a matter of life and death
  • What concerns her most about the viral videos of black people’s pain

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