Are You ‘Talkin Shit? Okay’ @SassyBlack_ Of THEESatisfaction (@StasAndCat) Will Found Out

Are You 'Talkin Shit? Okay' @SassyBlack_ Of THEESatisfaction (@StasAndCat) Will Found Out 2

Seattle vocalist/producer Sassy Black (of popular Sub Pop duo, THEESatisfaction) unveils her new self-produced single, “Talkin Shit? Okay“. We’ve all had a lousy date or two; Sassy Black puts her bitter-sweet experiences to music.

Sassy Black On 10.14.2015 [Press Photo]


“When you are winning, you will have folks that are talking trash about you. And sometimes those are the same folks who have been trying to get at you or are currently dating you. I just wanted folks to know that they aren’t slick and I can hear what they are saying.”