Talib Kweli On ‘People’s Party With Talib Kweli’

Talib Kweli On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

In this very special 150th installment of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli”, Jessica Care Moore and Jasmin Leigh sit down with rapper, writer, DJ, author, activist, and host of the best podcast around:


Here’s what they got into:

  • What makes his hometown of Brooklyn, NY so special and how it shaped him
  • The influence of growing up with two activist-minded educators as parents
  • The first rapper he knew being a neighborhood friend he would write rhymes for
  • How the popularity of Afrocentrism led to Kweli using his birth name as his rap name
  • Hip hop becoming a way for for Talib to be cool and speak to his peers
  • The significance of the iconic Nkiru bookstore to Talib’s origin story
  • The story of meeting Yasiin Bey and when they decided to form the group Black Star
  • Moving to Ohio, linking up with the group Mood and eventually DJ/producer Hi-Tek
  • What it took for the coveted Lyricist Lounge to finally give Talib stage time
  • The early days spent at the battle rap mecca of Washington Square Park
  • The impact of the Five Percent Nation on the culture as well as Talib
  • Rawkus leaning into “Waitin’ For The DJ”, featuring Bilal, for Talib’s hit single
  • The song “Manifesto” from ‘Lyricist Lounge’ being a reminder of who he wants to be
  • Black Star originally formed to promote Talib and Yasiin’s future solo efforts
  • Diddy having words with Black Star after hearing “Children’s Story”
  • Feeling the same way about Kanye’s beats as he did about Hi-Tek’s
  • Why the success story of Kanye West personifies a manifest destiny scenario
  • The Rawkus project ‘Hip Hop for Respect’ and how it came together
  • Gil Scott-Heron befriending the Greene family and working with Black Star
  • How Talib’s solo 2002 release of ‘Quality’ came to fruition
  • Finding new meaning in the song “Get By” after performing for the incarcerated
  • Talib’s song “Joy” narrating the birth of his first two children and how his kids inspire him
  • Being a dad for the third time and how he’ll approach some things differently
  • Navigating the difficult and sensitive balance of his family life and his art
  • His experiences as a member of the Soulquarians and the origins of the collective
  • The legacy of J Dilla and what people get wrong about him all the time
  • Becoming close friends with Dave Chappelle during the making of ‘Train Of Thought’
  • How he felt about his friend Dave being relentlessly attacked by cancel culture
  • White supremacists weaponizing lies against Talib on social media
  • Connecting with the quote “My name is my name” from the “The Wire”
  • Why he feels such a responsibility to speak up against the bigotry online
  • Comedy being one of the most challenging things next to being an emcee
  • Being a “pop culture cinephile” and naming his favorite movies of all-time
  • What potential “People’s Party” guest would Talib be the most excited to interview
  • Becoming an author with his book “Vibrate Higher” and his favorite chapter
  • How his experiences during the protests in Ferguson forever changed him
  • What conscious means and reality rap being labeled as gangster rap by the industry
  • The making of the new Black Star album, ‘No Fear of Time’, fully produced by Madlib
  • Coming after Universal to cop the rightful ownership of the original Black Star album
  • Reflecting on his own legacy in the culture and what people can expect next from Talib

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