Taiyamo Denku feat. JoJo Pellegrino – Rap Genius [Video]

Taiyamo Denku feat. JoJo Pellegrino - Rap Genius [Video]

Basically, if one of these Rap-your-face-off videos where people rap into the camera was 8-bit style, this is what it would look like. Think Double Dragon meets 90's boom-bap.

Taiyamo Denku, the Milwaukee native emcee, is bar heavy throughout the song and is accompanied by Wu-Affiliated Staten Island native JoJo Pellegrino, who brings his style to the song and sets it off rugged & raw style. Hip Hop is live & direct with the hard rugged boom-bap sounds from the Aussie CyphaDen producer Dcypha.

Enjoy this 8-bit masterpiece from the CyphaDen Music & Hecatomb Family, created by the talented Chicago artist Juan "Big Herc" Hernandez, below…

You can get the full 19-track limited edition CD or the 16-track Digital copy of 'Plant the Seed', which "Rap Genius" is featured on, via Bandcamp!!!