Taiyamo Denku Airs Out His Issues w/Dcypha + Talks New Music

Taiyamo Denku Airs Out His Issues w/Dcypha + Talks New Music

For the past few years, Milwaukee Hip-Hop artist Taiyamo Denku and Australian producer Dcypha were like Balboa & Creed, Riggs & Murtaugh, and Beavis & Butthead. But not too long ago, things haven’t been too smooth between the emcee-producer duo.

With that in mind, Denku reached out to us to give better understanding of what’s going on between the two plus get to the bottom of it. You can give what went down a read below…

VannDigital: What the hell happened between you and Dcypha?

Taiyamo Denku: Shortly after me and Dcypha started promoting the new album and what came to be the last album he produced ‘The Book of CyphaDen’, he became more busy with his personal life which meant less time for music–at least, that’s what he told me.

I mean, you have to remember, our only means of communication for the most part was on social media since we started working together. So since he wasn’t really producing much that was new, I met another producer Bo Faat and I liked his beats.

We initially talked about doing an EP that eventually turned into a full album. It’s done now, it just needs to be released.

So, the new album promo is in full swing at this time. I started doing videos for ‘The Book of CyphaDen’ album but I’m also working on a project with Bo Faat because that’s how I am always working.

Randomly while working on the new EP, I reached out to get a possible 38 Spesh feature for a future project. Whether that will be for something with Dcypha or Bo Faat, I didn’t know.

I mentioned it to Dcypha plus I sent him a beat but I also sent him a beat from Bo Faat to give Spesh the option of what he liked more that fit his idea of what he wanted to rock with. He picked Bo Faat’s beat so that was going to be our initial big feature for our album which is now-titled ‘The Darker Side of Light’.

I told Dcypha about it and that was what put him on edge. Instead of being cool with me working with other producers to branch out and help build the CyphaDen name with a broader range, he would get jealous and upset.

He called me out my name (“cunt”, “fuck you”, “I shouldn’t have never worked with you”, “You stole money from me”). During all these insults and disses, I didn’t respond with anything negative back. I was trying to mend the situation and calm him down like I had to do in the past. But with him being more aggressive and hostile and calling me out my name plus accusing me of stealing, I kinda just went my own way. I have saved conversations to prove all of this.

At the end of the day, we did a lot of music together and I actually appreciate Dcypha for all the great music we made together. But he crossed the line and now he’s hypocritical about people stealing from him because he just stole a Choclair feature that I have PayPal receipts to prove.

Since our last real interaction, I told him I’d still credit him and put out things we did together but he snapped back and said “Fuck you! Don’t use my beats!”. So I started getting Bo Faat to redo unreleased songs and all of the features on those songs I fully funded and paid for.

Dcypha hasn’t invested or put much of any money into the brand or movement in 2 to 3 years. Did I expect Dcypha to steal features of mine he didn’t pay for? I did think it was a possibility but I thought he might of been more of a stand-up person then that.

How do you plan to deal with this situation going forward?

Going forward, I plan on releasing my version of the Choclair feature and I guess we will have to see what else he steals at this point. Me and Choclair talked about doing a video for Life This Way and it’s funny because not only did he take my verse and hook off the song, he released and kept the title that I used for the song and got our old mutual artist friend to make the cover art.

Dcypha is what most in the music business would consider a snake. Choclair showed interest in doing a video with the Bo Faat-produced version but I’ll have to change the title now which isn’t a big deal.

I’m a professional individual in music and I wouldn’t have done this. I found out about the whole situation after I got off-stage in Vermont halfway through my 18-date Bigger Than Local tour.

So this is pretty much the end of CyphaDen Music?

It’s not the end of CyphaDen because I own the brand but it’s the end of Taiyamo Denku & Dcypha working together. I paid for the branding myself and I still push it at every show and even have merchandise with logos and everything else I use to push it. So, CyphaDen will still be a movement and brand as long as I keep making music.