T.I. Partners w/Moolah Mobile To Provide Free Services For Low Income Families

T.I. Partners w/Moolah Mobile To Provide Free Services For Low Income Families

Moolah Mobile, an Atlanta-based Black-owned tech startup launched by Vernell Woods, has launched the first ever free wireless service for low-income communities. Even more, rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris is now a part of the venture as a major investor in the company.

Moolah Mobile has cell phone plans that include free talk, text, and data for nearly 1 million users in select U.S. states. They generate revenue by displaying ads on the cell phone users’ home screens. The concept is very similar to YouTube and traditional network television which allows viewers to watch program for free, but they also have to watch commercials from sponsors.

“Moolah Mobile’s goal is to use emerging tech to give more economic opportunities and resources to those who need them most,” Woods said in a statement. “We’re very excited to partner with Surge in creating the first free wireless service for underserved communities.”

The service is currently available for Android users, specifically those who use Surge Volt. Aside from ads, users can also opt to answer surveys, which also generate income. The earnings that they could get can be used to subsidize their cell phone bill on autopay, redeem gift cards, and even make purchases on Amazon.

Woods launch the startup back in 2016, but has just recently become backed by rapper T.I., who has been continuously expanding his investment portfolio. T.I. said he “decided to become an investor in Moolah Mobile because it’s one of the few tech companies I’ve seen who truly want to help everyday people have access to technology.”

For more information about Moolah Mobile, visit www.MoolahMobile.com

[via BlackBusiness.com]